A collaboration with Tom Apaul

commissioned by queer/disrupt

Coventry City of Culture: Visual Album Project

Collaborating with upcoming indie-band CANDID

in response to lockdown. Learn more

More work with Candid

Showreel last updated December 2019

My work was featured in a video for the Royal Institute

Skip to 2:22 to see my animation

An insightful video to show your team

Clean animation, music and voiceover.

I created the animated title sequence

and several idents for Big Help Music TV.


Experimenting with motion graphics.

Creating a planet with one highway.


A behind the scenes look at my process.

Corporate animation

Corporate animation

Corporate animation

A behind the scenes look at my process.

Vegetables created for a performance piece used in

Shoot Festival's online Scratch night

Competition winning entry for 2weeks2makeIt

A collaboration with 80s girl band Fuzzbox!

I specialized in 'how to make educational videos more effective' my resulting experiment was referenced on OCR's website for Biology.



Skip to 11:10 & 19:19 to see the animation

commissioned for the story of Kasing 



Hand drawn animations done over lockdown.

Corporate animation

Corporate animation

Hand drawn corporate animation

on Introversion and Extraversion