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Using the materials and templates provided you can draw and colour in each frame, on an A4 sheet of paper.


After scanning it in, the computer will zoom into each box and frame for a fraction of a second creating a rough, yet organic feeling animation.


"It's a very forgiving medium, I was worried what I had drawn was going to come out awful, but it's so fast -it just comes to life " -Emily Kelly


No previous animation experience is required. Suitable for all ages. You don't need to be 'good' at drawing to create something beautiful or have fun.


As the workshop progresses we project the work onto the wall and this helps the group to inspire and encourage each other.


The animations can then be further tweaked and combined digitally. By overlaying them or messing around with the colour settings in Adobe Premiere.


Here is an example:

Here are some pieces made at a 'Drink and Animate Night'


In other versions of the workshop that use different templates, you can use a lightbox to get more control over the animation. By referencing the frames before. Or draw on existing photocopies.


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You can also use a similar technique to print and rescan frames of a film.


This technique helped my graduate short film 'before i was 5'  win:


'Best Experimental' at the National Student Film Festival.



see the original version of the film compared to the final piece:


>Contact me here if you would like to book a workshop or an event<


I have facilitated this workshop at Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham City University & with Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.


As well as part of Drink & Animate nights in Selly oak and Coventry.


It's fast, fun, engaging and can be used to create a spectacle at your event.


The final outcome can be used for music videos, films, documentaries, Mixed media performance and projections for events. As well as publicity on social media as a community art project etc.



Here is a video to sum up some of the techniques, So you can think about what you might like to do in advance.