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I produce Synesthetic Art, under the name Diggery.

More recently, my focus has switched from portraying music to teaching others how to tune into their own Synesthesia.

Below are a list of questions that you might consider to notice and develop your own ability to perceive visual qualities in sound.



What direction does the sound come from, when it appears?

How does it move? Is it fast or slow? What direction?

Where does it disappear to?


how is it shaped? smooth or jagged? big or small?

Is it made up of multiple fragments

Does it change shape from beginning to end?


What colours is it? are they darker or lighter shades?

Does the pitch or rhythm change it’s shape or colour?



What is it made out of?

If you were to reach out and touch it, would it hurt?

Is it cold or hot? Wet or dry? Is it sticky?

Would it pass through you, push back, squish, break or evaporate?

Try mentally touching it, and just see what happens

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