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As all projects are bespoke and tailored to your needs, the final costs of the project may vary.

These ranges can serve as guidelines to start a conversation.

Price range: £4,000 - £15,000
6-9 Months / 4 mins +

This covers all phases of production:
idea generation, script writing, story boarding,

2d animation (frame by frame), composing, sound design, voiceover and editing.


It also covers time for more back and forth with you on the creative process, to get it just right.

Price range: £3000 - £4000
2-3 Months / 3 mins

This covers production and post production but not pre-production. The script, music and voiceover were already provided, plus assets (stock images and film footage).

In the case of the music video, I was given free reign creatively which saved time.

Price range: £500 - £2000
1-6 Weeks / 1-2 mins

This is the same as above but for a shorter amount of animation.

Compilation of magic -button.gif

With a monthly subscription, you can get *unlimited videos, meaning you can keep requesting videos at no extra cost. You can figure out what you want and need as you go. Which is a more flexible way of working. Making it easier, cheaper and more fun in the long run!

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