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A Tree metaphor to think about how we will grow together.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

There are the Roots, Trunk, Branches, Leaves, Flowers, Fruit, and Seeds.

The Roots

are the unseen resources that we can draw upon to create videos. They are notes and articles that you've written. Ideas that are ready and formed but not yet actualized or seen by daylight. They are the conversations that you keep having with people again and again. The hidden potential.

The Trunk

represents the 'core' videos that have all the important information, this should capture the emotion of what you are trying to say they are not too detailed, and appeal to a wide audience. They are an introduction.

The Branches

represent the offshoots of the trunk and the various different threads of thought or applications that your cause has. It builds upon the core understanding. They would represent playlists or ways of organizing the funnel of information.

The Leaves

are the highly nuanced bits of information and understanding and applications of your topic's, subtopics. These should be the most information-rich videos but don't necessarily need to be as visually complex or beautiful as the trunk which had a wide appeal.

The Flowers

represent the short-lived, colourful attention-grabbing videos where your Tree is teased at. These are your strategic Marketing videos. Tik-Toks, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Ads that attract people to the Trunk.

​If all of that comes to 'Fruition' ;) then we get... The Fruit

The juicy rewards of hard work. We make sales, we get customers and followers, Or we impact people. Whatever the hope was has been realized.

The fruit also represents the referrals you give to others and the testimonial that you gift to me. Which contains...

The Seeds

to plant another tree with someone else or it contains the evolutionary mutation to replant another tree using everything that we learned together about the first one and improving upon it from the beginning.

To discuss how I can help you grow:

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