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The Earth tier includes:
Idea generation, Illustration, Graphics, limited Video & Sound editing. Visual Branding and Youtube Channel Tips.

The Wind tier adds:
Unlimited videos* Simple animation, Motion design, Web design, Full Video and Sound editing. Original Music composing, Sound effects. Co- Script writing and YouTube Admin.

The Fire tier is the full package, adding:
Complex animations and VoiceOver.

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r read on for more details...
Unlimited Videos agreement

Provided there are enough resources, such as time, skill, and direction. You can ask for any kind of video and however many.

Realistically, you aren't guaranteed to get all of the videos you could ever want, by the end of one
 month. Due to multiple factors, such as an existing production schedule, or how long or complex the videos are to make.

But this is a great opportunity to work with animation at a lower rate, without pre-committing to a big cost.

Unlike working on a project basis, there are no additional charges for changing your mind.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality or pace, you can cancel your subscription without having overspent.

The Wind t
ier comes with some creative constraints:
You will need to provide some script and direction, and the animation style is simple, meaning limited movements.

All three tiers accumulate value over time because you and I will gain a greater understanding of each other, as we go along. For each other’s communication style, expectations, aesthetic taste, and overall vision.

Without the pressure to communicate all of that, within a strict time frame, or pricey day rate.

Over the long term and short term, you will pay less by growing with a subscription, than if you were to commission each video individually. And by working with the same artist, you will have a consistent quality and style that you wouldn't necessarily get by switching.

Here are some examples of things you might need:
Types of Videos:

Explainer videos
Social Media Marketing
Longer Sales Videos
Training or onboarding videos
Internal Company videos
Crowdfunding Appeals
Short Ads
Email Drip Campaign videos
How-To Videos
Promotional Videos
Case Study Videos
About Us videos
Company Jingles
Tips and Tricks Videos
Thank You videos
Short Films
Music Videos
Types of Graphics:

Logo designs

Business cards
Flyers and posters
Social media graphics
Website banners and headers
Presentation slides
Packaging designs
Book covers and layouts
Magazine layouts
Event Invitations
T-shirt designs
Product labels and stickers
Album Artwork
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