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Animation can be an expensive investment, requiring you to choose what you want carefully...

but with a subscription,
you get unlimited videos.

You can figure out what you want and need, as you go.

Which is a much more flexible way of working.

Making it easier, cheaper, and frankly, more fun!

To learn more about the subscriptions

Let's consider how we can grow your project using videos with the analogy of growing a Tree.


are the unseen resources that we can draw upon to create videos.

How fertile is the soil here?

The Roots

These are notes and articles
that you've pre-written.

Ideas that are ready
but not yet actualized or seen by daylight.

These are the conversations that you keep having with people again and again.

That you could use an animated explainer for.

The hidden potential.


The Trunk

represents the 'core' videos that have all the important information inside.

These videos should capture the essence of what you are trying to say.

They are not too detailed
(like the leaves)
and they appeal to a wide audience.

They are an introduction.


The Branches

represent the offshoots of the Trunk and the different sub-topics.

They build on the core understanding.

Branches represent ways of organizing your information. i.e. Playlists, video series, themes...

Leaves 2.jpg

The Leaves

These should be the most information-rich, nuanced videos, that cover each branch.

If your audience has been following along from the base of the trunk to the end of the branch...

Then they will have learned something.

Flowers 2.jpg

The Flowers

represent the short-lived, colourful attention-grabbing videos that draw people to the base of the tree.

These are your strategic marketing videos. Your Tik Toks, Short clips, and Adverts, that draw people in.


The Fruit

represent the rewards of our hard work.

What comes to fruition.

Full tree.jpg

Over the long term
(and short-term)
You will pay

by growing with a subscription

than if you were to commission each video individually ££££.

You'll also get to work with the same artist leading to a consistent look
and feel, across each of your videos.

Here are some examples, of videos you could benefit from...

Explainer videos
Social Media Marketing
Longer Sales Videos
Training or onboarding videos
Internal Company videos
Crowdfunding Appeals
Short Ads
Email Drip Campaign videos
How-To Videos
Promotional Videos
Case Study Videos
About Us videos
Company Jingles
Tips and Tricks Videos
Thank You videos

Or support with audio for:

Theme or Jingle Music
Voice editing

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