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Electronic Musicians/Artists?
able to create soundscapes?

(Early stages - No funding as of yet)

Hi, I'm an Artist-Animator with 'Synesthesia'
- meaning I can 'see' music in my mind.

I'm on the lookout for an electronic musician/s to
co-develop a performance or workshop that facilitates people to have their own synesthetic experiences...
It's commonly thought that you are born with synesthesia, but I believe you can develop it... if you know where and how to look.

I believe this because I have taught several people how to develop it, 1-to-1.
It's a beautiful gift to give, and I've never heard of any other project trying to do this.

If you would like to collaborate, or think you know someone who would be a good fit for this project:

Read on for the backstory


Here are some examples of my animation under my artist name, Diggery.

and reactions:


Previously, I collaborated with musicians to create live animation for performances.

But then I realized, the shows weren't working, because they were actually two separate shows, inside of one, that needed to evolve.

It was too distracting to ask my audience to pay attention to both their inner-world experience and what I was presenting to them, on the screen...

diggery gif_1 (1).gif

I needed to choose between:

AND Animation

Outer-world focused
(no synesthesia)

FOR Synesthesia

Inner-world focused
(no animation)

Either Synesthesia OR Animation had to go.

bye, animation!

I would be looking to get this project funded through Arts Council England.

I have no previous experience doing that though, so if you do, that's an advantage.


The collaboration would involve the co-creation of original music. The pace would need to work with guided audio from me, that directs the listeners' awareness to certain aspects of the music, and their own experience.

I'm envisioning the piece would first focus on specific sounds and melodies. Allowing time for the listener to build a visual interpretation of each part.

The sounds would eventually start coming back together to interweave and create a beautiful soundscape.

This would allow for a complex, moving, mental landscape to be gradually formed in the mind's eye of the listener, that they can explore on their own terms, without being guided.

One aim of the experience would be to teach people a listening practice that they can take home with them. And listen to music in a way they have never experienced before.

At the end of this process, we would have new songs and a concept album, and a show or installation that we could perform and hopefully tour.


The kind of music that I am generally looking for would focus on soundscapes, loops, and textures.

Here are several different kinds of music artists, I could envision working with.

Ethereal, and otherworldly with a beat.

Intense heavy electronica, or dark & ecstatic.

Funk & Euphoria, or Acid Rock 

Indian Fusion, or Electro-pop

If you are working in a different genre, and are still interested, do reach out. This is a suggestive list.

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