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Case study: Working with Jerry for the British Association for Psychological Type.

This page is to give you a sense of what working together might be like.


Jerry and I met at an online conference he was running about Jungian psychology. He reached out to me after seeing that I'm an animator, to create a film about introversion and extroversion. The charity organisation BAPT were so pleased with it, that it led to additional work!

Writing on Computer

Hi Josh


Great to see you at BAPT today.  


One thing we have been wondering about is getting some really type-knowledgable short animated videos done - LinkedIn page seems to imply this might be something you might be interested in at some point?  Or at least to give advice on?


Whether or not you are interested in that, it’d be great to connect…



Hiya Jerry,

Yes absolutely! I’m looking to join my love of type and animation together, this would be a dream project! Happy to talk about it casually tomorrow or some time next week

Thanks for reaching out


Here is the first film we made together.

Jerry had the initial idea, to use fire to represent extroversion and water for introversion. Here you can see the initial sketch I made, versus a final outcome:


As we had never worked together before, and it was unclear how long the project would take, I suggested we do a flat rate for the project for £2000. This was a very good deal in terms of the animation market. The films beyond that cost £4000, as I had to factor more things in.

I wouldn't be able to price as low for a similar project in future, especially with so many hand drawn frames. Thankfully, I was able to subsidise the project through some freelancer support schemes, other projects and family support during the pandemic at the time. I consider this to be a passion project.


Working at a flat rate allowed us to get a good feel for collaborating with each other, which came in handy for our future projects. We did 50% upfront and 50% on delivery.


We used as a digital whiteboard to share sketches and make comments, and occasionally Zooming, to discuss the script and brainstorm.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 12.02.53.png
Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 12.19.07.png


I used various software to complete the project, such as Adobe Creative suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro.

As well as KRITA and Logic Pro X for music and voice over.

The project took around 9 months to complete! Mostly due to going back and forth on different ideas to find the best way to communicate the concepts.

Post-Production & Feedback

I helped BAPT prepare a marketing strategy for releasing the films to YouTube, and I can help you with that too.

This involved thumbnail design, using YouTube's technical features to maximise engagement and reach. Posting to various other social media platforms, and avoiding mistakes that would limit it's organic reach.

The films gained a very positive reception, and outperformed BAPTs previous videos in terms of likes and views!

Testimonials Youtube comments (1).gif

Skills used

This project used my whole skill set: Ideation, Script writing, Illustration, Graphic design, Animation, Voiceover, Music, Sound design, Editing, YouTube & Social Media strategy and Project management.

Here is the second film we made together.

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