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Case study: Working with Lee, to create a mental health music video

This page is to give you a sense of what working together might be like.


I was passed on to Lee through my network, to rescue a project! The previous animator needed to drop out, leaving their project uncertain as to whether it would be completed at all... 

Writing on Computer
lee profile.jpg

Hi Josh,


Really great to meet you today, and it's amazing to be able to get excited about this project again! 🙂


Hopefully you should find all of the things we discussed attached plus the lyrics to the song as sometimes it's easier to read the words and listen to the music to get the overall message. 


Looking forward to (hopefully!) working together on this 🙂 


All the best,


Hey both,


lovely to meet earlier, I just did this sketch and I’m vibing with this style, flat coloured backgrounds, simple shapes, medium rough edges...


I think this would be very feasible within the time frame.


Meantal health town.jpg

After an initial zoom call, I knew the style would need to be easy to create to meet the 2-3 month deadline, for a 4 minute song. So I quickly drafted this sketch, and felt confident it was possible in the time frame.


I agreed to a flat rate within £3000-4000

with 50% payment upfront and 50% on delivery.

Here is the film we made together:


The film screened to an audience of Mental-health workers, and brought several people to tears and the verge of!

Skills used:

Ideation, Illustration, Animation, Editing, & Project Management.

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